you stole my arm for the night because to puke was not an option.

I don’t mind you breathing in my ear
because it will always mean you’re alive
and beside me.


I’m not much of a firm believer in fate but sometimes things just work out so well that I understand why people sometimes believe in a higher power that makes these decisions. Especially lately.

On to the NEXT Phase

I used to keep a lot in and use writing to exorcise my thoughts on a near daily basis. These days I am heavy on the verbal diarrhea and most of what I’m thinking spills out of my lips instantly.

Lately I’ve been listening to more music and podcasts on headphones throughout the day that help me stay inside my head some more and I’ve been realizing how, sometimes, I just don’t shut the fuck up. (secret: I’ve actually noticed this forever ago)

I’ve been wanting to write again and write more, like I used to. I’ve been writing quite a bit about just that so by now that’s gotten a bit old and seems to have been a phase I went through for some time.

I’d rather keep more in and share in words with anyone who cares to read them as opposed to just pouring myself over peoples’ indifferent and apathetic ears. With this commitment to print, theoretically my statements will be a bit more thought out; I doubt it though.

Can I even call this print when digital content has the never ending ability to be edited?

That’s a topic for another time, I could really give a shit right now.

So this is (no exaggeration) what I looked like busting my ass on the ice this morning on the way to work. In the future, I’d rather just stay in and watch Home Alone.

And later, a Hollywood star’s death shining the light on what some warn is America’s hidden heroin crisis.

—ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos just learned that there are people in this country doing heroin.  Hopefully within the decade they’ll find out about krokodil and bath salts.

A little bit of ridiculousness for your Monday.

Just had a great awkward moment

I just walked into work behind somebody who apparently was cool with the security guy.  They shook hands and exchanged their warm “what’s up?”s.  

Then he moved out of the way which left the security guard and me making eye contact, our hands at our side pointing towards each other smiling and saying “hi” with a look and feel of “uh.. what do we do?”.  The whole time our hands at our side, pointed in the other’s direction.  Him and I have never talked before and this may be the second or third time I’ve ever seen him around.

The humorous “awkward” moments like these I can pick up on because they’re funny.   The more real ones, I have lost whatever it is in your brain that allows you to feel/detect it, most likely because I’m not interested.  

It’s a new year.  First post of 2014.  I have an arsenal of new photos that are about ready for public consumption and will begin posting soon.  

I will probably also have a bunch more of these dumb little stories to share with you, as this comprises most of my life.

Remember every second wasted not having fun is a wasted second.

—drunk Uncle Dave

First of many.



Since, I always love when my favourite blogs post mixes, I decided to make one of my own. This marks the first time I have ever made a mix for public consumption. Enjoy it loudly! :)

Download link below.

Interview with Ruthy Mirsky on

An interview with our singer in which I am mentioned, not once but twice!  (I’m famous).


"Two Homes"


  • Syvia - Two Homes
  • Playlist JDK#40 (December 2013)
  • Origin : Brooklyn (New York)

In case you haven’t heard my band yet.